Hundreds say goodbye to fallen soldier.

Posted February 20th, 2009 by Jonathan Roberge

Hundreds say goodbye to fallen soldier

(Greg Wayland, NECN) – Hundreds gathered in Leominster, Massachusetts to celebrate the life of a local hero killed in Iraq. Funeral services were held today for 22-year-old Army Private First Class Jonathan Roberge.

School children lined the streets waving flags as the hearse carrying the casket made its way to St. Cecilia’s Church.

Roberge was killed by a suicide car bomber near Mosul, Iraq, while on patrol in a Humvee. The family said he went to Iraq in December.

Monsignor James Moroney said Roberge wanted to make people safe and make a difference in the world.

Roberge was a 2005 graduate of Leominster High School’s Center for Technical Education. The soldier has two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Information from the Associated Press is included in this report.

4 Responses to “Hundreds say goodbye to fallen soldier.”

  1. JoEllen Schwend

    Tears fill my eyes for this young man who chose to serve his nation. The respect and honour he has is beyond words. He will never be forgotten. My prayers to to those who knew and love him. May God bless you and help you deal with this horrible tragedy. He has given the ultimate to us all.

    In Christ,

    Jo Schwend

  2. Kyle Carner

    Jonathan was a really close friend of mine. We had went to Basic Training at Fort Knox, KY together. I for one will miss Jonathan very much and so will all of his other friends and Family. I did not make it to his funeral, but i plan to visit his grave every Memorial Day. And i will keep in close touch with his family as well. May PFC Jonathan Roberge rest in peace. I will miss you buddy!!

  3. PFC Turczyn Craig

    i 2 went to basic with roberge…he was a friend of everyone and touched so many hearts….i find it an honor to have met such a great soldier and person….he will forever be in my heart and prayers…i wll never forget you brother….love you bro….”BAND OF BROTHERS FOR LIFE”…PFC TURCZYN CRAIG

  4. Gram Snow

    We will love and miss you forever Jonny Ro