About Jonathan

“He joined the Army because he wanted to make a difference. He said, ‘Dad, I’ll make you proud.’ He told me, ‘I need to protect this country, this is what I need to do,'” -John Roberge

“As his godmother, I always felt like we had a special bond between us. We were both kind of rebels in our own way. He was a larger than life person who just lit up the room when he walked in.” – Rita Sheridan

“Always a big smile on his face,” said David C. Fiandaca,  Director of occupational education at the Center for Technical Education at Leominster High School. “Like the cat that ate the mouse.”

“When he was a kid, he was always taking things apart. He was always getting into my toolbox and working on things. I remember him taking his bike apart.” – John Roberge

“He was very fun-loving. He was always so nice, always thought of other people first.” -Pauline Roberge

Please check back for more, as the family remembers Jonathan and the legacy he leaves behind.

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