Tributes to the Family

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  1. Kimberly Veautour

    To The family and Friends of Jonathan Roberge,

    Please know that we all grieve with you. Nothing we can say will ever ease your pain. Your loss is felt around our nation. Remember the time you had, every memory, every smile, every laugh. My freedom, our freedom, is paved in the sacrifice of our solders and their families. I thank you, I thank Jonathan, and I will always remember that my freedom is not free. My heartfelt condolences to all of you.

    Kimberly Veautour

  2. Debbi Chapman

    Please accept my deepest sympathies and prayers. My husband too serves in the Army. He has deployed 3 times. I share your pride and sorrow. But can never know the devastation your heart must feel. I am so proud to say your son was part of our Army Family. Please know his passing is not in vain. Freedom is not free…………….May JonathAn Rest in Peace.

  3. Brian & Patty O'Dell

    John & Pauline,
    We are the parents of a child who passed away at a very, very young age. We know your pain and deep heartache. It takes a special person with a big heart to do what Jonathan did for his country. Heaven has become a richer place. Please know our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you now and always.
    Fondly, Brian and Patty

  4. Jim & Maria

    Please accept our deepest sympathies is such a devasting time. We honor your son and what he stood for, we will forever remember the sacrafice he made for us and our families. We thank you for allowing us to share in the rememberance of Jonathan he will remain with us for along time to come. My son who is 3 includes him and your family in his nightly prayers, may god hold you in this time of grief.

    May Jonathan rest in peace.

  5. David Bartlett

    My deepest sypmathy to the family of Jonathan in this difficult time. He served with honor like many others are still doing or have done. May God Bless him and be with all of you. Words are not enough but his life will be remembered for he did for the USA and the City of Leominster by protecting us. Dave Bartlett – Lancaster, MA.

  6. Alyssa Gough

    My deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of Jonathan. I can only imagine the difficult time that you are all facing right now. Though I am away at school and unfortunately cannot attend the funeral, I have written a poem in dedication to Jonathan. Though I did not know him personally, my family did, and I wrote this poem based off of the stories that have been published. Again, my deepest sympathies to the family. Alyssa Gough-Leominster, MA

    He Was…

    He was a son,
    raised from baby to boy to man
    by his mother and father.

    He was a brother,
    teaching, protecting, and playing
    with his brother and sisters.

    He was a student,
    working hard, being involved, and admired
    by his teachers and classmates.

    He was a soldier,
    trained, disciplined, and standing at attention
    with his commanders and fellow privates.

    He was deployed
    to Iraq, to fight, and to defend
    his country and fellow Americans.

    He was 22,
    attacked, killed, taken away
    by an enemy and a bomb.

    He is gone
    from this Earth, but not from the minds or hearts
    of those he died to protect.

    He was a lot of things
    but the greatest thing he has become
    is a hero.

  7. Leonard Dodge

    My condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of PFC Jonathan Roberge. I did not know Jonathan personally, he and my son went to basic at Ft Knox together. Jonathan will never be forgotten, he is a true hero.

  8. Kristy Ramelli

    My deepest sympathies goes out the Roberge family and all of his friends. I did not know Johnathan but just know that he has touched so many people from Leominster and all around the country. He is a Hero and he will never be forgot. He served his country proudly. Just know that he will always be with you in your hearts and looking down apon all of you always. R.I.P. PFC Johnathan Roberge. Thank you for all of your services protecting our country.

  9. Amy Fini

    To the Roberge Family,
    I am truly sorry for your loss. Evertime I see the photo’s of the funeral or the coverage of it I start to cry. I have been praying every night for your family and, I will continue to pray. He made a difference, I look up to him as a hero of mine, and I am sure many do also. He will never be forgotten. I wish your family the best of luck in the future, and strength through this hard time. R.I.P Jonathan Roberge.

  10. Tom and Lisa Sileo

    Thank you Jonathan Roberge, and your family, for your enormous sacrifice. You are a true American hero.

  11. Sharon Bouchard

    Dear Pauline, John, Meghan, Sarah & Andrew,

    In remembrance of Jonathan I offer my sincerest and heartfelt condolences. Freedom is a cherished gift and is not without sacrifices. Your son & brother was a brave and courageous defender of that freedom, one who would risk all to keep others free and safe.

    Love, courage and bravery cannot die. All that he was, all that he believed in, lives on in the hearts of a grateful nation and community that mourns with you.

    The Blue Star Mothers will keep the candle burning on in honor of Jonathan and his memory will never be forgotten.

    Please know that we walk with you in prayer and spirit until you find renewed peace and rest.

    God Bless,
    Sharon Bouchard

  12. PFC Turczyn Craig

    To the family of Johnathen Roberge,
    I went to basic with him. He was a great kid. He was my best friend through it all and helped keep me motivated. I love and miss him dearly. We had plans of me re enlisting to go to hood with him. He loved the army. I never seen a kid so excited to be in basic training. I’m sorry for your loss. He will be missed dearly. I’m sorry again. GOD BLESS…PFC Turczyn Craig

  13. Aaron Diediker

    To the family of a brave Soldier,
    I would like to send out my sympathy to the family of PFC Roberge. I was Jonathan’s Drill Sergeant at Ft. Knox. I ran into him in Kuwait, and he immediately came up to me. I recognized him right away. He was all smiles. The words of sympathy I express to your family, will not ease the pain, but will let you know the impact he made on me as a Drill Sergeant, and as a U.S. Soldier. No matter how much I yelled, he continued to stay motivated, and continued to knock on my door and ask questions. He was a great Soldier, and it would of been an HONOR to serve with him.

    SSG Aaron R. Diediker

  14. Sarah Crispin

    God bless Jonathan. May God comfort his family and friends in these darkest of hours.

  15. Patti Ward

    Dear Roberge Family,

    I am Patti Ward, mother of Sgt. Joshua A. Ward who was a very dear friend of Jonathon’s. I want to say to you that my heart breaks for Jonathon and you all. I know there is no words to make you feel better because no words have made me feel better since last Monday when I found out the boys were killed. But what I do want you to know is that I had the honor and pleasure of jonathon’s company at my house several times and I loved him. He reminded me so much of Josh at that age and I just loved him. I know that he was very close to you all as was Josh to us and I DO KNOW your pain. We buried Josh today and I am numb but I wanted to tell you how much Jonathon meant to Josh and all of us. I hope you all find a way to lessen your pain someday as I will be searching for the same on this end.


    Patti Ward

  16. Howard Mullen

    I was in the Logan airport the afternoon of Wednesday the 19th when I was drawn to a crowd of people standing at the terminal window watching what I soon would find out to be one of our fallen hero’s coming home. I have seen this ceremony play out on various news reports from time to time, and coincedentally had just read the story of Kevin Bacon’s HBO movie “Taking Chance” in this months issue of Northwest’s magazine on the flight out to Boston. None of that could have prepared me for the emotion and solemness of watching this happen first hand.

    I assume the soldier I witnessed come home was PFC Roberge. I know I am not alone when I offer my sincerest condolences, and thank the Roberge family for their sons service to his country, and for paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we can all live the lives we live with the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. I will never forget those few minutes at Logan Airport and the many men and women serving in our armed forces around the world.

    Howard Mullen, Grand Rapids, MI

  17. Amanda lacey

    I didn’t know Jonathan but from what his brother Andrew has said about him I can tell he was an awesome brother and person! Andrew Jonathan’s brother is one of my good friends and he told me how he always looked up to his big brother. When I found out what happened to Jonathan iI balled my eyes out. But even though i did not know him I could feel Andrew’s pain.I am so happy that he died serving our country.But on the other hand I am not happy that he passed on. I really miss him even though I don’t kknow him. Jonathan is my hero!

    R.I.P. Jonathan

  18. Joan Cayer

    The Cayers from Fitchburg, family of Geof, who died in Iraq on July 18, 2006, would like to express our condolences to your family. We have watched and participated with the loss of your child. All we can say is that I think we understand because it is the worst thing anyone could ever possibly imagine.

    As Geof’s mom I think about him a million times a day and now, because of you and your son, I think of Jonathan as well. Our heart goes out to you. And please get in touch with me. Much love, Joan Cayer